Hundreds Rally In Support of "Green Light" Immigrant License Bill

By Evan Sery 
PUBLISHED 5:25 PM ET May. 21, 2019

There are a lot of rules on the road. The simplest, perhaps: You need a license to drive.

It's not so simple, though, for undocumented immigrants, who cannot obtain a license in New York.

Hundreds rallied at the state Capitol on Tuesday in an effort to change that, lobbying for the passage of the "Green Light New York" bill.

If passed, undocumented immigrants would be allowed to receive drivers' licenses. Privacy in the application process would also increase.

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African Communities Together Sues Trump Over Liberian DED

On March 8, 2019, African Communities Together, Undocublack Network, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Lawyers for Civil Rights, and 15 individuals, sued the Trump Administration for the administration's decision to end Liberian DED in March 2018. Here is a round-up of articles on the lawsuit from March 8, 2019- March 9, 2019:

Trump administration is sued over Liberian immigrant program 

Trump Administration Is Sued Over Liberian Immigrant Program

Trump Again Accused of Racism in Ending Liberians’ Protections

Advocates Sue Feds Over Nixing Of Liberian Work Program

African Immigrants and Deportation in the Age of Trump

“A lot of us go from being kind of high status in Africa to being on the bottom of the racial and ethnic totem pole here in the US,” said Amaha Kassa, the director of African Communities Together. “We find out pretty quickly that no matter the color of your passport, in America, the color of your skin is black.”

ACT City of Refuge Action in the News

From March 28-29, 2017, ACT organised City of Refuge: 24 hours of action for refugees at Trinity Church in downtown Manhattan in coalition with 40 labor, social justice and immigrant rights organisations. The actions included rallies in front of the Trump Building on Wall Street and at Foley Square, a 'refugee tent city,' teach-ins, a ceremony at the African Burial Ground and an interfaith prayer service. The event was covered by over 20 media outlets. Below is a selection of some of this news coverage.

NBC: "Immigrants, Supporters take to streets in refugee day of action."

The Gothamist: “Photos: Activists Form Temporary Tent City In The Financial District To Support Global Refugees” by Scott Heins. - photo-1

Yahoo News: "I am a child of refugees’: New Yorkers stage tent protest of Trump travel ban" by Caitlin Dickson.

Metro Newspaper: "City of Refuge: African coalition stages refugee encampment in protest of Trump immigration policies: Protesters demand reversal of the travel ban and preservation of asylum programs" by Amanda Mikelberg.

ACT Language Access Victory in

ACT in NY Observer on Executive Orders

"Audu Kadiri, a community organizer with ACT, said that African immigrants have a responsibility to “resist, to organize and fight,” noting that the issue of refugee settlements particularly affects Africans."

ACT Talks Election Impact with PRI

ACT members and staff were interviewed for a recent piece on Public Radio International's The World about the impact of the election on Africans, Muslims, and black immigrants:

ACT Participates in Inauguration March

ACT Organizer Fatou Waggeh was interviewed about ACT's participation in the NY march on the eve of Trump's inauguration, and African immigrant issues in the new administration:

ACT in Mother Jones

ACT's Executive Director Amaha Kassa highlights the fears within the African immigrant community about the Trump administration. Check it out!

ACT on Al Jazeera's The Stream

ACT Executive Director Amaha Kassa shared his concerns about the impact of the election on African immigrants in this episode of The Stream. Segment starts at 13:00.