TPS Extended!

Over the past months, ACT and our partners in the Coalition for TPS Renewal have waged a campaign to save Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

TPS has given humanitarian immigration relief and work papers to thousands of African immigrants from countries devastated by the Ebola epidemic. 

We researched, we lobbied, we tweeted, and we rallied in the rain. Thirty-nine members of Congress signed on to a letter urging Homeland Security to continue TPS, an unprecedented level of visibility for our communities.

On Thursday, DHS announced that it would give a six-month final extension of TPS. Those currently enrolled in the program will be automatically extended, instead of going through an expensive and time-consuming reapplication process.

It is an important victory that TPS recipients will get an additional six months of benefits, and that they will get an automatic extension. When we first started advocating, DHS was considering ending the program immediately, as they have done in the past. The power our coalition mobilized was responsible for this shift.

At the same time, we are disappointed that DHS will terminate the TPS program for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone next year.

What this shows is that we have a long road ahead of us to get to a just immigration system, and we need to get moving. 

We need to fight to make reforms to humanitarian immigration programs like TPS, refugee resettlement, and asylum. 

We need to work to make fair and humane immigration reform a priority for the next President and the next Congress. 

And we need to organize to make African voices heard on immigration issues.

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Forward Ever, Backwards Never!

- Amaha Kassa, Founder and Executive Director