A Lively Meeting About Good Jobs

Why are so many African immigrants working below their skill level? What do African immigrants need to know about their rights on the job? How can we help ourselves and our community get ahead? The topic at ACT’s August membership was jobs, and the conversation was lively.


 Building Better Jobs in Homecare

Cooperative Home Care Associates, a nationally recognized worker-owned home health care agency based in The Bronx, gave a presentation about their agency and its hiring and training programs. Unlike most homecare employers, CHCA offers employee benefits through a union contract (including subsidizedhealth certificate and degree programs through the 1199 union training fund), guaranteed hours, and the opportunity to become worker-owners in a co-operative. ACT members got the inside scoop on how to apply to CHCA’s free training and recruitment program. The next training cycle begins October 6. Contact ACT for more information on how to apply.



ACT Members Talk Good Jobs Strategies

The second half of the meeting was a discussion and training on good jobs: What are they? And how do we get more of them?

ACT members reflected on what a “good job” means to them, and identified a wide range of economic, personal, and community benefits.

The training dug into four different strategies for getting better jobs: job training, small business development, workplace organizing, and worker co-operative development.

From their own experience and case studies, members identified the strengths and challenges of each approach, and agreed that different strategies work for different people.

Members were enthusiastic to participate in ACT’s Jobs Clinics, an upcoming initiative that will connect ACT members to job counseling and placement, provide legal and organizing support for African immigrant workers rights, and support development of small businesses and co-operatives within the African community.   


    Up Next: Citizenship

The next ACT membership meeting will be on October 5 from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm and will focus on citizenship and voting. The meeting will take place at the Garden of Eden Associates Community Room, 2211 Frederick Douglass Blvd (entrance on 119th Street, across from Patisserie Les Ambassades). For more information on the upcoming meeting and to RSVP, click here.

We hope to see you there!