ACT Welcomes Ghanaian Entrepreneur

alloysius.jpgAlloysius Attah speaks to reception attendees.


African Communities Together is all about empowering the African diaspora to make an impact, here in the US and back in Africa. On June 13, ACT hosted a reception and talk featuring Alloysius Attah, a young Ghanaian entrepreneur who is making a big impact working with small farmers.


 Members of ACT pictured with Alloysius.


The eventco-sponsored by ACT, the National Council of Ghanaian Associations (NCOGA), and the Consulate General of Ghana, took place at Ghana House. ACT’s Executive Director Amaha Kassa first connected with Alloysius when both received start-up funding from Echoing Green, a global nonprofit that provides seed funding to social entrepreneurs. Since ACT works with many Ghanaian community leaders and institutions, introducing Alloysius to New York’s Ghanaian community—and vice-versa—was a natural fit.


Alloysius and his business partners launched Farmerline, an innovative mobile phone app, to help small-scale farmers—the backbone of Ghana’s economy—increase their yield and income. Farmerline provides farmers with timely access to agricultural information by SMS, as well as voice recordings in African languages for farmers who don’t read English. In just a few years, Farmerline has grown to serve 200,000 farmers in five West African countries!


Ghanaian community leaders learned about the opportunities and challenges of starting up a social enterprise in Ghana, and Alloysius encouraged the diaspora to think about innovative ways that Ghanaians in the U.S. can support the development of businesses in Ghana. Everyone left the meeting feeling inspired by Alloysius’ passion and drive, and the opportunities for Ghana’s future.



A member of the audience poses a question to Alloysius.