ACT Members Prepare For Court Interpreter Exam

On May 28, 2016 six members from ACT's interpreter corps met with local attorneys to prepare for the New York State Court Interpreter Exam.

After successfully completing the exam, members will be eligible to serve as official staff and per diem interpreters within the New York State court system. Of the members sitting for the court exam next month, over ten languages are spoken, including French, Wolof, Soninke, and Bambara. The breadth of languages spoken among our interpreters has allowed each of them to provide language services for a variety of nonprofit organizations, city agencies, and immigration legal cases. As future certified court interpreters, these members will be able to meet language needs on an even larger scale.


ACT members and local attorneys reviewing practice material for court interpreter exam

A Commitment to Language Access

ACT's language access campaign continues to work with local political leaders to shape public policy. In addition, members in our interpreter corps provide critical language services--helping fellow African immigrants access important information in a language they understand. By taking the court interpreter exam, ACT's members are enhancing their skill portfolios, building economic opportunity, and widening the scope of the services they can offer. 

African Language Cooperative

As mentioned in a previous blog post, ACT is in the process of developing an African language worker cooperative. Interpreters will provide language services in the medical, judicial, and social service sectors. The worker cooperative will not only offer our community members the opportunity to start, manage, and grow a jointly-owned small business, but also to fill the widening language access gap we experience everyday. By becoming certified interpreters within the New York State court system, cooperative owners will now be able to grow their business both competitively and upwardly.

If you have any questions regarding the African Language Cooperative, contact Ojiugo at: